Davido responds, “What have I done to you?” when a Burnaboy fan wishes him dead Now. 8

Davido responds, “What have I done to you?” when a Burnaboy fan wishes him dead.

Honor-Winning Davido, a Nigerian musician, responded on social media to a fan’s death wish for Grammy winner Burnaboy.

Davido and Burnaboy have been engaged in an ongoing business rivalry that is unlikely to stop anytime soon after the former called the latter “New Cat.”
However, after his 34,000 venue sold-out Netherlands concert was postponed, Burnaboy became a topic of discussion on the internet.

A Burnaboy fan going by the handle @Winco_3 on Twitter posted a six-second clip from the Burnaboy show, pointing out that Davido’s funeral cannot be as packed as the event he uploaded.

Even a free Davido funeral couldn’t hold this many people, he wrote. Recognize your partner.

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Davido responded to the user on Sunday morning by questioning him about his wish for his death in a tweet on his Twitter account.

Davido questioned, “So u want me to die? ” while paraphrasing the tweet. the reason behind this? What specific action of mine has caused you to yearn for my death? In any case, I’m staying put! I’m going to make the most of my life.

“If no one wishes to speak, I WILL. One day, you people are going to injure the wrong person. Not everyone has the strength and endurance to endure for years as I have! I’m not sending this, because eventually, someone will get injured by these individuals.

Davido responded to the Burnaboy fan’s retaliation by tweeting:

I didn’t want for you to die; perhaps you ought to get your songwriters to read and interpret the tweet for you. 2. You see the video, sweetie? Is that audience asking you what you fit pull?

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