Execution Penalty for Armed Robbery: Nigerian Court Sentences Man full 1

Execution Penalty for Armed Robbery: Nigerian Court Sentences Man

A High Court in Ado-Ekiti has sentenced Bello Abduquadril to death by hanging for the crime of armed robbery.

The defendant was arraigned before Justice Olalekan Olatawura on March 8, 2023. He was facing a two-count accusation of conspiracy and armed robbery.

According to the charge, Abdulquadril and other unidentified individuals conspired to commit the crime of armed robbery on March 22, 2023, in Ado-Ekiti, within the court’s jurisdiction. On that same date, at that same location, and using offensive weapons, specifically a gun and a cutlass, they robbed Taiwo Owolabi of his phone and Jincheng Lady Motorcycle.

According to the prosecution, the offenses were against Ekiti State’s 2021 Criminal Law Sections 314 and 312 (2)(a).

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In his testimony before the court, the victim stated, “That day, while riding our Lady Bike with registration GED 933 QD to go home, my brother and I suddenly encountered two males on a Bajaj motorcycle. They blocked us and pulled out a rifle and cutlass. They threatened to kill us if we didn’t cooperate and thrashed us with the cutlass. After they took my phone and the Lady Bike from me and fled, we rushed to Amotekun’s office to file a complaint.

Execution Penalty for Armed Robbery
Execution Penalty for Armed Robbery

“After going to the Police Headquarters in Ado-Ekiti to inform them, they made all the necessary arrangements and left for Kogi State. After documentation and verification of the receipts, the phone, the motorcycle, and the suspect were released to the policemen from Ekiti,” he said. “On the second day, I received a call from Iyara Police Station in Kogi State to come there with my phone and motorcycle receipts.”

Adeola Johnson, the prosecutor, called three witnesses and presented evidence to support his case, including the defendant’s comments, motorbike specifications, receipts, and search warrant.

The defendant, who did not summon any witnesses, addressed the court through his attorney, E.K. Adetifa, pleading for a balance between justice and mercy.

“I hold that there was a common intention and a meeting of minds between the defendant and accomplice at large to commit armed robbery,” Justice Olatawura said in his ruling, citing the prosecution’s proof of their joint involvement in the crime.

Therefore, I am confident that the prosecution has shown beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant planned the offense with another individual.

“In light of the aforementioned, the defendant is deemed guilty of the accused crimes of conspiracy and armed robbery.

The judge decided that the defendant in Count 2 (Armed Robbery) would be hanged by the neck until he or she died, with the possibility of his or her soul being spared. The defendant was also sentenced to seven years in jail for conspiracy.


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