Now Nigerian boxer Raph Trouble gets commended for his accomplishments by a government official. 8

Now Nigerian boxer Raph Trouble gets commended for his accomplishments by a government official. 8

Abike Dabire-Erewa, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, has heaped praise on Raphael Igbokwe, often known as Raph Trouble, a Nigerian Diaspora Boxer, for being an exemplary example of the Nigerian Diaspora.
The Chairman of the Nigerian Defense Command, who was overjoyed to meet the boxer, expressed his gratitude to him for making Nigeria proud.
As she continued, she said, “You make me proud to be a Nigerian.”

Igbokwe was exhorted by Dabiri-Erewa to continue to serve as an example for Nigerians, and the president of Nigeria stated that the nation is exceptionally proud of him.

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These young people are in need of guidance, and we would want to collaborate with you to help them develop their potential. There are a great many things that we shall be doing together.
He was encouraged by Dabiri-Erewa to continue to be a good ambassador of the nation, and she informed him that the Commission has developed a Diaspora Sports Mentorship Programme in order to assist the transfer of talents in sports from the younger generation to the older generation.

As a response, Raphael Igbokwe, also known as Raph Trouble, expressed his gratitude to the Chairman of the NiDCOM and stated his pleasure to be back in his native country after spending the previous twelve years in the United States.

Nigerian boxer
Nigerian boxer

It is without a doubt the most wonderful experience I have ever had in my whole life, and I am overjoyed to be back in Nigeria. According to him, “I adore Nigeria.”

Raph Trouble who originates from Anambra state in Nigeria called Nigeria as his home adding that going home is the finest decision he has made and was prepared to give back to the Nigerian community in every manner possible.

“I want to be able to give hope to the hopeless especially children. If there was anything I could ask for when I was a kid is someone like me to be talking to, to look up to or to seek for guidance or words of encouragement, I want to be able to do that. So that’s why God rewarded me and put me in this position. To merely be the eyes of individuals that desire to acquire more in life.” He said.

The professional middleweight boxer said he appreciated his Nigerian fan-base for their support.

Raphael Igbokwe is a 31 year old Middleweight boxing Champion residing in Houston Texas, USA.
He is credited to have 18 victories, 3 defeats and 11 knock-outs.
He is proudly Nigerian.

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