“OBO Win o”Great 1 video shows Davido & Wizkid eating Eba with Egusi stares reactions (WATCH)

“OBO Win o” – video shows Davido & Wizkid eating Eba with Egusi stares reactions (WATCH)

Fans of the legendary Nigerian musicians Davido and Wizkid are debating who won their epic gastronomic trip in a heated dispute on social media following the release of a recently viral video showing them eating Eba and Egusi.

In a playful competition, the two well-known artists shared videos of themselves enjoying a dish of Eba and Egusi to show off their love for Nigerian food.

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The tantalizing video has sparked a debate online, with admirers fervently voicing their opinions.

Davido wizkid
Davido wizkid

Some pronounced Davido the winner of this friendly rivalry, while others adamantly supported Wizkid. The artists’ enduring appeal and their capacity to enthrall their fan communities, even over something as basic as eating a typical dinner, are demonstrated by the back-and-forth comparisons.

The ongoing argument underscores the persistent allure and respect that fans have for their preferred celebrities as well as the vibrant exchanges that occur in the virtual world.

It also demonstrates how well-liked Nigerian food is around the world and how proudly these well-known musicians embrace their cultural roots.

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